Colour Match Service

Colour Match Service

Date posted: 26 February 2015

Many of our customer may not know that we offer a full colour matching service.

This means if you have a colour that you must have again, or are unsure what colour it actually is... instead of flipping through endless colour swatches, we can find a near exact match to that colour on our high tech tinting machines, and create it for you in-store, there and then.

However, we can't just match everything that is brought to us in-store, to get the best results try and make sure that your colour matches the following:
  • Painted on a hard/solid surface - piece of drywall, wood, plaster etc. (something flat is best)
  • Bigger than a 10p coin - our machines uses magic eye technology, and if the colour is too small, it may blend other colours.
  • Make sure if you're bringing in a sample, that the paint is NOT wet, as this will alter the colour of the finish.

Although these are just guidelines, we will try our best to match colours in which ever way shape or form they are brought into us, although as a buyer you will have to approve the final result.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with your local branch!

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