ESCO Wood Flooring

ESCO Wood Flooring

Date posted: 26 October 2016

Esco Wood Flooring from Osmo

If you think of oak flooring, then you should certainly think of Esco Flooring. The Esco wood flooring range provides best of breed oak flooring -  Dutch design, European manufacture and finished by hand with Osmo Hardwax Oils.

What is ESCO

Esco Group was founded in the Netherlands and as a new company in the wood industry specialising in oak wooden flooring, it has been growing and becoming a strong and reliable player on this market ever since.

We are delighted to announce that we now sell ESCO wood flooring from Osmo in our Bracknell store!

What is special about ESCO

It produces not only an extensive range of products but also offers production flexibility and is able to supply custom-made production too, suited to your requirements. Available in a variety of widths, lengths, styles and colours so it really helps you design your own personalised floor. Choose from smoothly, sanded styles with filled knots to the flagship Karel 1V Range which is hand-old-made, will take you back to the middle ages and brings an atmosphere of 300 years ago and more.

Apart from its quality, the fact that all products are being produced after receiving an order and that the production capacities can easily handle volume orders with delivery time of 3-4 weeks is what make it unique!

You can choose from a range of thicknesses and widths in either Esco solid wood flooring or Esco engineered wood flooring. The engineered boards are available either in 3 ply or multi-ply format. 

Esco Solid Wood Flooring

Osmo UK's Esco solid wood flooring is the classic among wooden flooring. No other floor surface radiates such liveliness within four walls whilst also regulating the general atmosphere, Its natural ability to take on and give off moisture has long been positively noticeable, this characteristic influences and balances the level of moisture in a room.

Esco Engineered 3-Layer and 2-Layer Plankwood Flooring

Parquet is, thanks to its characteristics, always in trend, no matter if it is needed for rooms with underfloor heating, in various thicknesses for renovating existing surfaces, or whilst planning your new home, the wide range of product possibilities leaves practically no wish unanswered. New production facility enables Esco to create and produce wooden surfaces so well that you will not be able to tell the difference, for example in an aged look, between parquet and solid wood.


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